How Much is Too Much?

I sat at my desk with a line of anxious students all wanting their current assignment checked off before the end of the day.  The chatter in the room was beginning to rise as the clocked ticked closer to three... Continue Reading →

Learning to Be a Sheep

Determined... he sat there unwilling to budge no matter what treats or coaxing I could offer.  He wouldn't leave the car.  He was determined not to get left behind.  What made it even more difficult was that I couldn't explain... Continue Reading →

Christmas Present

I woke this morning to a sky that looked like a soft white blanket, draped heavily over our small corner of the universe here in Florida.  The air was calm and evoked a quiet stillness that could be seen in... Continue Reading →

Walking with God: Leaves, Lattes, and a Lack of Time 

Living in Florida, I find myself getting very homesick for New Mexico this time of year.  The fall season, in shorts and flip flops on the beach, as wonderful as that sounds, is simply not fall.  My favorite part of... Continue Reading →

When God Sat on Me

She sat on me! I couldn't believe it! My parents were out for the evening enjoying a date night and they had left me with a babysitter.  I was so excited to meet her because she seemed like such fun!... Continue Reading →

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